Friday, June 19, 2009

Aplaca Fleece - Spinning, Dyeing, Knitting and Felting Day

Frances was very busy in May organising the first ever dedicated Alpaca Fleece Craft Day. The event took place in Houghton in Cambridgeshire. The event was open to all Alpaca Breeders through publication on the British Alpaca Society web page as well as the Eastern Region Alpaca Group of which Frances is the secretary.

Many members of the public also attended especially those interested in knitting and spinning. The day began with a short informal talk about Alpacas and a demonstration of how to skirt an Alpaca fleece. The fleece used was a beautiful fawn fleece from Louie of "Abravo Alpacas" ( There then followed demonstrations, questions and finally opportunities to have a go at:
  • Felting with Alpaca fleece,
  • Spinning with Alpaca Fleece
  • Machine Knitting,
  • Dyeing with Alpaca Fleece.

The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended and Frances was pleased because she had some very positive comments on feedback sheets at the end of the afternoon.



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