Friday, June 19, 2009

Alpaca Craft Day - Cambridgeshire

  • Frances was busy in May organising probably the first dedicated Alpaca Fleece craft day in the UK to date. The event was held in Houghton in Cambridgeshire and was open to all members of the public and to members of the British Alpaca Society and the Eastern Region Alpaca Group.

    The event started of with a demonstration from Frances on how to expertly and efficiently sort and skirt an Alpaca Fleece. The fleece was a beautiful fleece from Abravo Louie of Abravo Alpacas ( . There then followed demonstrations in:

    Felting using Alpaca fleece
    Machine knitting of Alpaca fleece
    Dying Alpaca fleece using natural dyes
    Hand spinning of Alpaca Fleece.

    The event was very well attended and Frances was very pleased with the positive comments recieved from all those who attended.



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