Friday, June 26, 2009

A day out for some of Abravo Alpaca Boys

On a beautiful sunny day in June Abravo Alpacas went for a day out to Laxton Junior School Fete. The day was a great success. Abravo Wizard, Mallaca and little Gatsby proved to be real crowd pullers. Andrew and Frances where busy all day answering the many questions that all the visitors had.
Many of the visitors said how beautiful they were and that they almost did not look real. Off course everyone was surprised at how soft the fleece felt even though they boys had been sheared about a month before.
The wool and felt that Frances brought along which was spun from some of the many coloured alpacas that can be found at Abravo Alpaca's also proved very popular. Again people where amazed at how soft it was; apart from the people that is that are already lucky enough to own a jumper made from alpaca wool.



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