Friday, October 16, 2009

Great Gransden Show

Abravo Alpacas went along to the Great Gransden Show in Cambridgeshire in Late September. We took along a possy of our boys: Wizard, The Great Gatsby and Mallaca Paca. This was only their second outing but they behaved beautifully. The Abravo Alpaca Pen was right next to the showring so the boys were very intrigued as all the other animals: sheep, pigs and cows were paraded and judged.

Frances had a small information stall with posters and pictures and also took along some samples of fleece and fibre. Everyone who came along and touched the fibre were very impressed with the softness and enquired where to purchase either raw fleece or yarn however because we had been granted a free pitch as an information only stall I was unable to sell any yarn on the day, but did give out quite a few business cards.

Abravo Alpacas went along as a contingent of the Eastern Region Alpaca Group, which is a small group of Alpaca breeders that are affiliated to the British Alpacas Society. The main aim of the group is to meet together to share information to benefit the welfare of our stock.

Now that Abravo Alpacas is a more established herd (over 31) we feel the time is right to start offering alpacas and yarn for sale. We also intend to enter some of our alpacas into Alpaca shows run by the British Alpaca Society next year, so watch this space.


Blogger Louise said...

ooo, how exciting! Have to get some yarn up for sale on your website! x

October 27, 2009 at 2:40 AM  

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